Semalt on your Analytics

13 May 2014

Google Analytics is very clever at detecting and ignoring visits to your Website by “robots”, although seems to get through. If you’re wondering what is, it’s a keyword monitoring service. will distort your statistics by adding “visits” which are not from real people. As we look over our clients analytics we’ve noticed some annoying results, which appears in the referring sites list. This is not a site which is sending you real people but robot visits and you want them out of your analytics data.

How to remove from Google Analytics.

First thing first login into Google Analytics and set up a new “filter”. Remember filters don’t work retrospectively. If you need to get rid of from your historic data, you’ll need to create a segment and exclude from traffic sources. 

Click “Admin” at the top of the page in Google Analytics, then “view” you’re using in the third column. Click “Filters” and “+ New Filter”, then enter filter name "Exclude Semalt Traffic" and select "Custom Filter". Check the exclude radio button and change the filter field to "Referral". In the filter Pattern field add "semalt\.com"

Click “Save” and you will remove from all new analytics!


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