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  • Jan 26

    A brief guide to using Twitter's 'Discover' tab Twitterdiscover


    If your Twitter feed is getting a bit stale and repetitive, the "Discover" tab can help you find fresh content, and it offers interesting insights into the activity of others

    The built-in tool is tailored just for you, and Twitter promises it will "surface the best content" for you to consume

    Below, we explain the different functions the "Discover" tab offers. Check out the feature, and it might just improve your overall Twitter experience.



    Image: Twitter

    Find the "Discover" tab in the top navigation bar on Once you click the tab, you'll see a sub-menu at the top-left of your screen, divided into "Tweets," "Activity," "Who to follow," "Find friends" and "Popular" accounts. Read more...

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  • Jan 26

    Super Snow Storm Panic: Hoarding food becomes a winter sport Supermarket-crop


    Nearly every blockbuster disaster film shows us how New York City handles the apocalypse, but we rarely get to see what New Yorkers are really up to on the ground as disaster approaches. Well, now we know, thanks so the panic-stricken Twitter messages from hundreds of people in the tri-state area anticipating a major snow storm

    The bottom line: Hoarding is in

    Like most panic buying, it started as a trickle, just after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's dramatic televised speech during which he described the upcoming snow storm as "one of the largest snowstorms in the history of this city." Read more...

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  • Jan 25

    10 clever Snapchat puns you'll want to replay over and over Grdltf8


    Some Snapchat creations are too funny to disappear into the ether.

    We salute the savvy souls who saved this selection from deletion. You can get inspired to create your own funny, punny Snapchats with our list below.

    Have you seen any other amusing Snapsterpieces that play on words? Any other hilarious puns worth sharing with the world? Let us know in the comments below.

    Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more...

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  • Jan 25

    Facebook needs a 'Sympathy' button Sympathyfacebookbutton


    A school friend's mom passed away last week. He posted the news on Facebook with a short, dignified note, giving brief details of how his mother had died and information about the funeral. Feeling for his loss, I started to write, "So sorry to hear your sad news..."

    But before I pressed "Enter," I scrolled through the comments others had already posted — passionate eulogies and anecdotes from people who really knew my friend's mom, celebrating her spirit and uniqueness. Suddenly my well-meaning comment seemed trite below such heartfelt words. As I deleted it, I wished there were another way to let my friend know I'd seen his news, and that I was feeling for him Read more...

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  • Jan 25

    4 social trends affecting the dynamics of learning in the workplace Socialtrends


    Many of us remember a time when Internet access was a privilege; now, however, access to the Internet is believed to be a basic human right by 83% of global users.

    Access to a global network of information has become something we can’t live without. The Internet enables us to be more self-sufficient — and yet more dependent at the same time.

    Smartphones are like security blankets, with 65% of digital natives reporting that they carry their devices from room to room with them. We feel safer knowing we have access at our fingertips to any information or people we need. We don’t need to know it all; our phone does. Read more...

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  • Jan 24

    7 Silicon Valley CEOs weigh in on Microsoft and the HoloLens Satya


    Microsoft gave the public a compelling glimpse of the future when it trotted out the HoloLens, an augmented-reality headset along with the Windows Holographic platform, at its Windows 10 launch event on Wednesday.

    But the event made headlines for other reasons, too. As part of its vision of having “universal apps,” Microsoft unveiled versions of Office and Outlook now coded to run similarly across different devices. It’s also bringing Cortana, the voice-controlled digital assistant, to the desktop via Windows 10. And Microsoft is finally on the road to replacing its heavily criticized Internet Explorer for a slick, new web browser codenamed Project Spartan. Read more...

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  • Jan 23

    Twitter officially adds Bing tweet translator to website and mobile Twitter-translator


    Twitter has officially added its Bing-powered translation feature to its web and mobile apps.

    Twitter has been experimenting with the tool for some time, but now it seems as though it's here to stay. The translation feature is now part of the social network's website, and also works on iOS, Android and TweetDeck. It can provide translations between more than 40 language pairs.

    The tool is easy to use: Users click on a tweet, and once it's pulled up, a tiny globe-like icon will appear under the post. Clicking that will prompt Bing to translate the tweet to the user's default language. The original tweet sits on top of the translated tweet: Read more...

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  • Jan 23

    Our year on Snapchat: A journey into telling disappearing stories Snapchat_year_lead


    Ever since Mashable launched its Snapchat account last January, we’ve been doodling, exploring and experimenting with the ephemeral storytelling app.

    We joined Snapchat to reach our audience in a new way, but we soon found that it's an extremely powerful tool for delivering visual stories. Snapchat is effective because the sharing process is simple and raw; with an estimated 100 million monthly active users, it has become a major player in the always-evolving world of social media.

    We began with a plan to reconstruct content from our site in creative ways, cover live events and provide our followers with concise, original narratives. From tech reviews to longform features, communicating with our audience through Snapchat grew uniquely personal. Read more...

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