Web is a creative design and technology company - our purpose is to significantly contribute to your success online.

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20 years' experience of delivering websites, 1995 was the year it all started for us...

But we’d like to point out that we’re not geeks. We just wanted to clear that up straight away. Okay, everyone copied their homework from us at school. But these days it’s our brains everyone wants to pick when they need their business to do stuff that involves computers. Who’s laughing now? 

We build websites for, theatres, businesses, Schools... (to name a few) and custom-designed software that does all the clever things you need it to. And we’re good – we’ve been at it since 1995, and what’s more we love it. In fact, we looked up the word ‘geek’ in the Oxford English Dictionary and it uses the example “a knowledgeable and obsessive enthusiast: a computer geek.” 

We’re not geeks.
We’re just knowledgeable and enthusiastic.
Okay Oxford?


what we do

Customer centered design.

Web is a customer led web design and technology company who’s focus has always been driven by your customers. Web has 20 years’ experience of a holistic approach using customer centric design principles.

We know people don’t behave how they say or how you think they will. Allow customer centered design to be definitive in your approach - after all you are not your customer. A customer centered design process will remove guess work, ego and opinion. A customer centered approach will deliver results based on empirical information and consumer behavior, why would you not want that?

Want to see our work? 

Whenever a business comes to us with a problem, we start from the beginning and build up from there. So just as no two problems are the same, no two ideas are exactly the same either. They all have one thing in common though – they did the job.

If you want to see our work in a little more detail, take a look at our case studies. Or if you have any questions, just ask away.


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We’ll get the kettle on.

The web ideas shop is easy to find here’s a map. If you're lost feel free to call us and ask on 0131 454 3311 or 0161 234 2973. 

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