A B Testing

Different versions of your website or landing pages are created and the results are compared to find out which delivers more goals.

We know people don’t behave how they say or how you think they will so you can improve ROI by choosing a version based on performance.

What do we test?

You may well have an idea what is working and what is not - the choice of what to test will more than likely reveal itself. For example you would like to increase the number of email newsletter sign ups - the examples below are some of what we test against when looking for barriers that prevent users from signing up;

  • Variations of the types of fields in the form
  • The length of online forms
  • Wording - convincing visitors to sign up
  • Display of privacy policy

Each A B test is very different and depends a combination of elements - the audience type and product offering. Here are some elements we test first:

  • Amount of text on the page (short vs. long).
  • Page title or description
  • Button’s, wording, size, color and placement.
  • Layout and style of website
  • Images on landing and product pages

Web also engages audiences through tactical inbound and outbound marketing activities, designed to drive visitors who want to know about you, making them valuable acquisitions rather than just casual browsers. 

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