Facebook will launch a subscribe button for your website

08 Dec 2011

Facebook has announced it's planning to roll out a “subscribe” plugin for websites, allowing your users to follow and subscribe beyond the realm of facebook.

A Facebook spokesperson is quoted as saying: "We will soon launch the subscribe plugin, an extension of the subscribe button, that publishers and other developers can add to their web sites to make it easy for people to connect to reporters and public figures in one click,"

This feature is "coming soon”, Facebook has not confirmed a launch date yet.

Facebook has been working in this area with its launch of a Twitter like “subscriptions” feature this autumn - which is available as an option on your account. It introduced a one way friendship feature where a user could follow an other user without them having to “friend” them in return.

This benefits all - the subscriber who wants to receive breaking news and the content generator who wants to reach out to their audiences.

The new one way follow feature will make it very easy to subscribe through the new plugin feaute from your website. We will keep you posted on its launch date...


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