Google Analytic's now in real time (Beta)

15 Nov 2011

Campaign results in real time.

Google Analytics Real Time (Beta) is a set of new reports that show what’s happening on your site as it happens.

One way you may like to test these reports is to measure immediate impact of any campaigns you are running. Whenever you put out an E-News, Tweet, Facebook post or blog post, real time will show the immediate results - it's impressive.


Yes, in lots of ways. To witness a campaign and how users move through a website is very revealing indeed. It's very much real time, when a user clicks off your website they are removed immediately and added to your standard next day report. 

Excellent Feature. 

Real time GA is an excellent feature and it just goes to show Google are working hard at meeting customer expectations. Like others I find myself logging into Google analytics just to see who is using Web's site right now. 

To view: click on "New Version" and then the "Home" tab, then look for "Real Time" Beta and then click on "Overview".



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