Measuring website objectives

11 May 2012

Web have always had the ethos of if it can't be measured then why do it - measuring your websites objectives is about justifying budget and your organisation's return on investment - measurement and evaluation is part of Web's information design process.

Web set targets for every website design project we deliver and then provide reporting to measure those objectives.Web deploys tracking elements for day to day transactions and ecommerce tracking to find out where the spend is coming from.

Since our inception along with the likes of Ebay and Hotmail, also founded in 1995, Web have observed many changes in the way people use the internet, we’ve learned a great deal about what works and what doesn’t. So on top of our technical knowledge and creativity, we’ve got the benefit of all that experience to draw on.

Mobile traffic and mobile transactions.

Web have been observing month on month increases in mobile traffic and mobile transactions. Some of the conversion rates are as high as 6% - exciting times so its no wonder we have now changed our systems to output mobile content.

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