New logo and website

18 Oct 2011

We are pleased to announce we have a new logo and website. For a long time now when people speak of us they refer to us as "Web" so we thought, let’s keep it that way! 

Exploring “Web” 

We spent some time looking at what we were and what we are now - a few workshops later we came up with the following statements; 

  • Web has creativity and technical expertise in equal measure.
  • Web are robust, reliable, trustworthy and straight talking.
  • Web work in collaboration with clients.
  • Web are informal, friendly and well connected.
  • Web are constantly looking to new technologies.

We looked at our values and benefits;

Web are small and personal, flexible and robust.

We looked at the benefits we offer our customers;

  • Web have tried and tested systems, reliability and creative vision.
  • Web is a company with depth, technical capability and an experienced supplier. 

So in other words; Web is; reliable, trustworthy, straight talking and have no-nonsense approach to doing business, we are technically competent, experienced and keeping up with current trends. 

The re-badge 

The creative challenge was to re-badge web with a new name and a new graphic style that reflects the core proposition and here it is; 

Web provides great web solutions and user experiences. Along the way we created a list of interpretations of what Web stands for, you will see these animated on our website. 

We have a new web address too

We changed our web and email address to - don't worry the old address still works. "Made with Web" reflects the way we work in collaboration with you, our client. 

As we celebrate our 17th year of business we would like to share with you our new logo which reflects, just us, and look forward to the exciting changes that are ahead. For accounting purposes we’re the same limited company with the same company and VAT number, just thought our new and improved services to you should be reflected in our look - hope you like it.





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