Try this Facebook’s new metric “People Talking About This”

24 Jan 2012

Try this: have a look in your insights dashboard and look for “People Talking About This” you will see a number which tells you how many people have engaged with your FB page; liking it, commenting, sharing, tagging or responding - you should see the percentage change as a measure on your FB activities.

If you are not engaging as much as you like the best way forward is; just ask a question with a mini call to action.

Ask your FB fans questions and for their opinions - avoid posting comments, instead write a question and ask for a response or “If you found this useful, just share it with your friends.”

Also make sure you don’t let a post go without a response, so when someone does comment, like or share your post, let them know with an acknowledgment of their action – even use it as an opportunity to keep the conversation going.


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