What if emails aren't optimised for mobile?

13 Apr 2012

You could assume they would wait to read their email when they get to the office, not the case a recent eDialog study tells a different story - 29% would read emails later on a laptop, but 41% would delete or forget about the email. 

Knotice conducted a study of 974m emails sent in the second half of 2011 – they found mobile open rates had grown to 27.39% in the second half of last year. 

Open rates on mobile 

20.63% of emails were opened on smartphones, 6.76% on tablets, 6.54% of emails were opened on iPad. The iPhone and iPad represented over 22% of all email opens in the second half of 2011. 

When are people opening emails on mobiles? 

Open rates are highest late night and early morning, however, the overall volume of email opens drops around 8pm. 

Three points to remember for email marketers

  1. Mobile email will continue to grow in 2012 - Some sectors more important than others, 28% of emails from retailers are opened exclusively on mobile.
  2. Not many recipients open emails on multiple devices - In over 95% of cases emails are opened on one type of device.
  3. You need to optimise the whole journey - This is not just about creating a mobile email, optimising landing pages for mobile is just as important otherwise the email will have been a waste of time.



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