With this weeks launch of Google + branded pages – its simple to create a page.

09 Nov 2011

Getting setup is not difficult, you could start here, unlike other social media it does not provide a vanity URL for your corporate page. They do have a good reason, spammers could workout the email addresses of Google+ users because many are linked to Gmail accounts.

The thing is once you have created a page, you don’t want try and tell people your Google + URL because it will be a long list of numbers - so you may want to get around this with gplus.to 

The question is do you have the time when you are already engaging audiences in other social media applications? Web think you should make the time because of the way you can segment audiences and create content for different audience groups, eg separate circles for customer service or special offers to different clients.

We are looking at if it’s possible to integrate our systems which would make it very easy to manage indeed. We’ll keep you posted on further developments.



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