Customer experience design.

Turning a great customer experience into a competitive advantage can mean change - in short recreating how you appear to your customers.

This is a big year for customer experience design and improvements at the top of most people’s list are;

  • Providing good customer service.
  • Making it easy, fun and a pleasure to buy from and do business with. 

It’s not easy to realign your thinking but essential if the move to a customer centred approach is genuine.

Lets be clear, this is not just about creative design it’s about delivering a great service to your customers. User experience is very important because each interaction through your website is an opportunity to not only delivery what your customers are looking for, but to exceed their expectations.

The user experience starts with brand awareness: How do customers find your brand? Is your message clear, do they understand your proposition?

Customer experience: What feelings do your customers have when they leave? What is it like to subscribe or join? Is it fun and easy to buy from? 

Customer engagement: Is your content engaging? Is it relevant to them? Are the touch points converting into sales? What happens when a customer leaves? 

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